Meet our team......

Jackie Bennett:  EverCare Massage & Spa was founded by Jackie Bennett, LMP, CLT.  Jackie Bennett has been practicing massage therapy since 2006.  Jackie was moved to become a certified lymphatic therapist when a family member was affected by Lymphedema.  In her free time, Jackie enjoys spending time with her family, running and giving back to others. 

Sammi Wheeler: Sammi is a seasoned massage therapist....one of the best! She has been doing massage since 2007 so she knows her stuff.  Sammi is happy to do deep tissue work or just help you relax and unwind!  Schedule with Sammi and you will not be disappointed!

Kayla Hurrle: Kayla comes to us with prior experience of managing and massaging at a very busy clinic. She has a passion for treatment work and her patients. Kayla does excellent deep tissue work as well as relaxation!

Yuisa Sanchez:  Yuisa has been a therapist since 2014 and has mastered exceptional deep tissue skills.  She has excellent treatment techniques to help you heal quickly.  Need to relax, she is also skilled at relaxation massage. 

Alicia Leahy:  Alicia is a licensed Esthetician and she is ready to make your lashes amazing.  Alicia is a highly skilled lash artist with years of experience!  If you need tips on caring for your extensions, Alicia will gladly walk you through caring for your extensions to help them last longer!!

We have made it our mission to treat our clients with the utmost care, respect and integrity.